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        hobbies and interests: I have way too many interests. First of all I adore music. In general I listen to heavy music, but I have a thing for 80's. I grew up with 80's music. Second, I really like to dance. I go to special dance parties where I can let my soul flow, have peace and enjoy my favorite music - post punk, 80's gothic, dark wave. I think I'd die without music!Well I like East lands, especially Egypt - culture, manners, symbols, history. I'm so into that. I enjoy my life and live it to a dark aesthetic. My passion is poetry and dark literature. I'm into philosophy and the esoteric. I like gothic romanticism and I appreciate such things like elegance, beauty and art - there is so much to admire in the world. Love nature and tranquility. I'm also interested in corsets, photography, Victorian era and drawing.

         motivation : why you participate in this beauty contest: I participate in this beauty contest mostly to prove myself that i can win and gain a sense of confidence in myself. It's quite challenging for me, because I've never been in this kind of situation. My goal is to promote my self-esteem. Not only for myself, but to my loved ones and friends as well. I do think that beauty is very important, because it makes life more enjoyable. But without inner beauty it would not be possible. I think if a person is beautiful outside it just shows the beauty inside, because if you are happy in spirit then obviously you look good. Like the saying - '' Healthy soul in a healthy body ''. And I feel that I belong among other contestants. You see I have different style and i want to brake society stereotypes about different kind of looking people. Many think that people should follow standards, but I think we all have rights to live how we want to, but not affect others of course. And that's why I respect other cultures, styles because that is so interesting and I can learn every time something new.

         plans and dreams in the future: I'm going to graduate High school and I hope I would be able to make career that I wish. Like something that involves history and journeys around the world. I plan to achieve several languages. I'd like to learn to play piano on which I'm working already. I have many dreams and I believe if I'll carry on dreaming then they'll come true. And one of my dreams is to move to England. I've always loved it, since childhood. I know I have to be there. But most important thing is to be always with my loved ones and make something worthy in my life of which I could be proud and my family too. I must say never stop dreaming!




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