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Joined: August 15, 2006
Country and City: Latvia
Age: 29
Height (cm): 173
Weight (kg): 59
Colour of hair: blonde
Colour of eyes: green
Hobbies and Interests: Dancing, taking photos, modeling, animals, healthy lifestyle, English, travelling, new meetings.
Motivation: why you participate in this beauty contest?: I would like to get an objective opinion about my look. Beauty contests usually are based on a typical stereotypes. I wanna make sure, what excatly is this. Am I handsome enough?:)
Plans and dreams in the future: Life without plans is like a boat without a captain. I'll graduate university, find a good job and make my life comfortable as possible. I'm ambicious person so I know I'll achieve my dreams.
Languages: Latvian, English, Russian

Number of pictures submitted: 0
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